Raindrop Villa is perhaps the most iconic structure at the Mala Dhara because of the three rain drops design of the dome shaped roof. The complimentary organic nature of the structure can not be ignored as it is seen emerging from the rice fields across a wide expanse. Completely circular in form and without a corner anywhere in the design, the raindrop villa promises an energetically soothing and welcoming stay for every guest. Even the windows are circular.

The bathroom in Raindrop Villa has the same unique attention to detail you will find in each and every room at the Mala Dhara. The fixtures are individually selected, the tiles carefully chosen, the sink a classic wooden basin. Towels hang neatly from a bamboo ladder and the large space and massive shower head make the entire experience luxurious.

Raindrop Villa faces North toward the mountains of Mae On, with a small veranda and hammock outside and away from the other villas. The lighting is gently set with indirect and intricately designed metal wall fixtures, in doors and out and the ultra high domed ceiling supports a lovely ceiling fan while another vintage standing fan near the bed assists in providing the breezy ambience.

The large soft and cozy double bed in the Raindrop Villa guarantees a restful night sleep. Surrounded by custom designed cotton mosquito nets and strewn with soft pillows, it takes one of the famous Mala Dhara breakfasts, our organic coffee, or the lure of a morning run to the local Doi Saket hot springs just to get you up and out of bed. All of this is complimented by carefully chosen and tastefully designed wooden furniture.

Rest assured however, even with all of this thoughtful and soft elegance, Raindrop Villa is supported by wifi and has a fridge for your convenience as well.

FROM ฿3,000.00 per night   High Season Oct-Feb: ฿3,400 PER NIGHT (Breakfast Included Oct. - Feb.)

Villa Facilities:

  • Queen sized bed ( twin available for group bookings)
  • Cotton mosquito net
  • Air Conditioning & Fan
  • Shower
  • Free Internet
  • Refrigerator
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