Terms and Conditions

Mala Dhara Group Booking Terms and Conditions

Whenever a booking is made on behalf of multiple individuals, the person making the booking is required to present the terms and conditions to the each person for whom a booking is being made and to secure their acceptance before agreeing to these terms and conditions.

The acceptance of these terms and conditions by the person making the booking shall be taken as acceptance of the terms and conditions by all individuals included in the booking.

  1. 20% non-refundable deposit on primary accommodations to secure a group booking.
  2. Full Balance due upon day of arrival.
  3. Minimum of 6 rooms for 2 nights for group bookings – full use of yoga shala with no day fee.
  4. Any un-booked rooms will remain open to the public for stay.
  5. Failure to fulfill any part of the original booking will result in a loss of the 20% deposit on a pro-rated per room basis.
  6. Failure to notify Mala Dhara of an unfulfilled booking or portion of booking at least (1) month before arrival will require payment of 50% of original room fee in final balance on arrival.
  7. Once Mala Dhara is notified of an unfulfilled booking – at least 1 month prior to arrival – Mala Dhara reserves the right to attempt to re-list and re-sell this room.  If the room is re-sold, the original booker will receive the full pro-rated per room per night credit toward their final balance due.
  8. All payment is due in Thai Baht.
  9. All payments, transfers or exchange fees are the responsibility of the booker.
  10. 5%  charge on all credit card payments.
  11. At least 7 days notice of group schedule: including total meal count, days, times and number of meals..
  12. Transportation is the responsibility of the booker.
  13. Mala Dhara Car Services require 48 hours notice and a confirmation of reservation.


Any personal information you enter will only be used to process your booking. We will not sell or redistribute your information to any third party.

We do not accept responsibility or liability for cancellations, delays, changes in course programs, loss of/or damage to personal property of guests, or losses caused by acts of God, war or threat of war, closure of airports, civil strife, natural disasters, accidents, guests’ injuries, illnesses, medical or psychiatric conditions developed during or subsequent to the holiday, or any other events beyond or within our control.

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