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Organic Farm Chiang Mai Doi SaketThe Mala Dhara Organic Farm is the newest addition to the Mala Dhara Resort family, with the exception of Jai Dee (Good Heart) the rescue buffalo’s newest companion, Grati (Coconut Milk). The Mala Dhara Organic Farm sits on several rai directly adjacent to the Mala Dhara Resort and will eventually serve as the primary source of vegetables, rice, peanuts, and limes for our Kin Dee restaurant. In fact, those attending full yoga retreats, workshops, immersions and other events, might find themselves in our bamboo dorm overflow accommodation located directly on the farm.

Organic_Farm_inpage_2When joining us at the Mala Dhara for one of our Herbal Sauna and Swim evenings, you will also have an opportunity to enjoy the gardens as our herbal sauna and fire are located on the farmland.

Our first experimental crops have included organic peanuts and rice and both were extremely successful. In the second half of 2016 we will welcome our new vegan chef and farm manager to the Mala Dhara and we are all excited to see what deliciousness 2017 hold in store for us.

Mala Dhara Eco Resort

Currently we are sourcing our organic produce from local organic farms in and around Chiang Mai proper and even more closely right here in Doi Saket. As we begin to realize our full vision for our adjacent organic farmland, we will take this model and passion to our additional 30 rai in the lush hills of Doi Saket behind Mala Dhara, near the hot springs, where we currently cultivate less time intensive crops such as banana, papaya and lime.

We are excited to be members and supporters of the Chiang Mai Organic food community and look forward to the future when we can host a small organic farmers market with our excess produce as well as offering educational and volunteer opportunities to those who are interested.

Mala Dhara Eco Resort Organic Rice Harvest 2016
Chiang Mai Thailand

Mala Dhara Eco Resort and Yoga Retreat Center in Chiang Mai Thailand strives to present genuine, authentic experiences for all of our students, yoga retreat participants and guests.  We are however also a fully functioning organic farm as well.  During our 2016 Rice Harvest Party, we successful gathered enough organic rice to supply the Mala Dhara Kin Dee Organic Restaurant with organic rice to make your experience even more enjoyable.  If you would like to join the party next year – subscribe to our newsletter for an announcement.

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