Bamboo Villa is a large, high-ceiling villa with a spacious indoor sitting area, indoor bathroom with moonlight views and an enormous outdoor veranda with a lusciously curved couch for lounging or entertaining friends also staying at the Mala Dhara. Our Bamboo Villa acquired it’s name firstly from the bamboo-adorned bathroom with open air views of starry Chiang Mai nights and the adjacent Mala Dhara Organic Farm. Secondly, from the bamboo fence lining the perimeter of the enormous front porch of this villa. This porch is complimented by an oversized, thick, cushioned rattan couch, easily enough to support a small group of people if you plan to chat into the evening over a bottle of Mala Dhara’s individually selected wines or to take a day nap, sprawled out all alone.

The Bamboo Villa is one of the Mala Dhara’s signature earthen adobe structures and so provides the same smooth curved textured walls and high domed ceiling, though here you will find a finely woven bamboo overlay adding warm hues and timeless traditional design, centered by a quiet and tasteful ceiling fan.

The windows are large wooden hand crafted shutters, which when closed block out any light, providing a deep and restful sleep and when opened give the impression of an open air pavilion – fully embracing the verdant natural surroundings of Doi Saket and serving as a reminder that you are in Northern Thailand.

The interior of this villa is spacious enough to provide a beautiful seating area inlaid into the earthen walls and lined with pillows as well as a large double bed. The bathroom has a special open air design with stylish ceramic basin and fine fixtures providing a romantic tropical
element to your stay. The standard fridge, wifi, aircon and extra fan are also a part of this roomy villa.

FROM ฿3,000.00 per night   High Season Oct - Feb: 3,400 thb  PER NIGHT (Breakfast included Oct.- Feb.) Villa Facilities:  
      • Queen sized bed ( twin available for group bookings)
      • Cotton mosquito net
      • Air Conditioning & Fan
      • Shower & (Bath)
      • Free Internet
      • Refrigerator
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