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A local space for your Chiang Mai yoga retreat

in deep nature and made from nature  – with you in mind.



Our Poolside Yoga Shala



Our Poolside Yoga Shala is so close to the saltwater pool, you can hear the waterfall. This yoga shala has a smooth soft round design with 100 sq meters of space, high ceilings and earth toned brick.  Ideal for a yoga retreat evening activity as it is centrally located just next to the majority of villas, the restaurant and the facilitator’s  (your)  poolside residence.   With electricity, wifi, projector & screen, fans, inset lighting, mosquito screens and close proximity to our two poolside bathrooms – this yoga shala is a go-to in case of a tropical rain shower or for privacy and intimacy.



Our Rice Field Yoga Shala



Our Rice Field Yoga Shala is located in the sublime breeze of the Mala Dhara rice fields, with open wall-less views of the sky, rice fields and distant mountains.  This large yoga shala is the preferred sunrise gathering space and is the shala most groups seeking to align with nature can’t resist using during the majority of their yoga retreat.  With such an expansive feeling of being immersed in nature combined with the convenience of a nearby bathroom and electricity, it is easy to see why retreat groups often use the Rice Field Yoga Shala as their base camp.

Yoga Shala Specs




Poolside Yoga Shala

  • 100 sq M
  • High Cielings
  • Convenient Location
  • Two Close Bathrooms
  • Mosquito Screens
  • Electricity
  • Wall Fans
  • Inset Lighting
  • Wall Speakers
  • Projector & Screen
  • Wifi
  • Privacy
  • 20 Blocks Mats Pillows and Blankets

 Rice Field Yoga Shala

  • 110 sq M
  • High Cielings
  • Location in Nature
  • Open Air Wall-less
  • Close Bathroom
  • Electricity
  • Lighting
  • 20 Blocks Mats Pillows and Blankets

Our Plant Based Food



fresh local & vibrant

 ~ nourish your health and feed your soul ~


All yoga retreats at Mala Dhara are catered by our very own plant-based vegan restaurant.  Our nourishing plant-based meals for retreat groups go beyond steaming simple veggies.  We believe food builds community.  This is a time to be truly in the moment – to slow down.  Come together and enjoy each other.  Take in the colors, the smells, the laughter and just nourish ourselves.


Our seasonal group meals are pure, simple and accessible with a creative element of Thai fusion.  We let the natural flavors of our locally grown fruits and vegetables speak for themselves.


Changing our relationship to the planet one meal at a time.

~ we support small local community businesses and farms ~




Our Accommodations


Our earthen accommodations in Chiang Mai are natural and made from the earth – but don’t compromise style or privacy.  Even when attending a yoga retreat, (especially when attending a yoga retreat), people need to feel nurtured by their environment.


Don’t compromise on your group’s happiness.

~ style, privacy, comfort ~

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Exceed their expectations.

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Additional Services


At Mala Dhara we strive to make your Chiang Mai yoga retreat experience flow effortlessly for you and most importantly, the group you are hosting.  One way to go beyond just a flawless retreat with great food in a place with a cool style and design – is to create unexpected unique experiences.  Here are a few of our extra offerings for you to go above and beyond with your group.





Steam, Scrub and Fire Night



Mala Dhara Herbal Steam Nights are legendary with the local Chiang Mai community and are by far and away our most popular group bonding experience offered at Mala Dhara.

An herbal steam night at Mala Dhara consists of an outdoor group steam infused with deeply healing ‘fresh’ local medicinal herbs.  There is a rich history of herbal infused steams throughout Thailand.  Traditionally Thai women would steam in herbal saunas after pregnancy, but over the years the practice was embraced widely before and after Thai massages – as a way to detox – or simply to relax with community.

We also craft our signature homemade body srcub for deep skin cleansing, and provide cisterns of cool water for rinsing between rounds,  Special ice baths can also be provided upon special request  – for lovers of the cold plunge.  A large bonfire and earthen benches make a perfect gathering place between rounds in the sauna and a a cozy moonlit place to spend the rest of the evening chatting, playing music or star gazing .




Plant Based Vegan Cooking Class



In Thai culture, food is the ‘big story’.  It’s not unusual to be enjoying a lavish lunch while talking about what you had for breakfast and maybe what’s for dinner.  Combine this enthusiasm with a plant based vegan foodie and you get the fusion of original and innovative Thai plant based cuisine found at Mala Dhara.  Healthy to the core, taste without compromise and nutritiously infused by nature.

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