Host Your Retreat

At Mala Dhara we have no day gym,
no overpriced spa,
and no sprawling industrial kitchen complex.

Anyone interested in hosting their Chiang Mai yoga retreats, meditation, massage, tai chi, music or movement retreats will find Mala Dhara an idyllic location away from the bustle of the city and the large and impersonal Hotel & Resort industry. With lush views, a large restaurant and veranda with unbelievable views, a salt water pool, 2 yoga shalas, and a location near the Doi Saket Hot Springs – Mala Dhara is an easy choice. And of course, please don’t forget our gorgeous accommodations. 

IMG_2046_pool_front1We know that the quality of an event hosting will reflect on you as the event organizer, and that’s why we will ensure to consult with you in detail so the group’s needs are met. We are committed to enhancing the retreat experience that your group will remember that you provided.

When our chef and his team create your groups custom menu, we take care in each Butterfly Pea flower on your salad, each and every source of our ingredients. We cater to the delight of your guests with special requirements, whether it be gluten-free, dairy-free, or raw. At Mala Dhara, we have no day gym, no overpriced spa, and no sprawling industrial kitchen complex.

Yoga Shalas

IMG_2691-shala-frontFor your yoga retreat we will provide one of our two Yoga Shalas. Champloo Yoga Shala is close to the pool with ambient lighting and fans, easy access to bathrooms, the delicious meals, and your villas. Gluay Yogo Shala lies out in the sublime breeze of the Mala Dhara gardens, with iconic grass roof and sweeping views of the rice fields and distant mountains.

Overnight-Stay Rates

If your group of 10 or more will stay at the Mala Dhara overnight, the yoga shalas + saltwater pool facilities are FREE . No separate charge.

Please inquire about minimum number of participants and nights of stay

Day Rates

For non-overnight stays, the Full Day rate is 3,000 THB (+saltwater pool is an additional 500 THB)

  • A Standard Full Day is considered 9am-6pm. (Ask us about special early or late yoga shala day use.)
  • Up to 25 people
  • Includes 20 Yoga Mats


IMG_2556_KD_g1Group meals can be pre-arranged from the restaurant for any event size – 300 thb per person.  Various types of group snacks can also be made available and designed to your specifications, please inquire.

Please note: If you are arranging to bring in outside meals to cater for your event, this will require an additional service fee charge. Snacks are fine, of course.

Private Herbal Saunas

Private Herbal Saunas can be arranged for your groups for 5,000 THB.  Includes our Organic Body Scrubs, Face Masks, as well as a Fire (if in evening).

Additional Services

We can help to arrange pickup from the city, massage services, as well as transportation to the Hot Springs just ten minutes away.



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