Saltwater Pool

The salt water pool and waterfall at Mala Dhara Eco Resort in Doi Saket area of Chiang Mai Thailand.
jump into the saltwater pool @ Mala Dhara

When planning your stay at the Mala Dhara, it is imperative that you do not forget your bathing suit! Our salt water pool awaits you and your cool drink, yummy snack, weathered paperback or, for the perpetually connected, the device of your choice – to connect to our zippy wifi. Soak up the sounds of our pool’s waterfall as you bide your time between meals, yoga classes, trips to the Doi Saket hot springs, rounds in our herbal sauna or naps back in your villa.

If you’ve never done salt water before, don’t be shy, but don’t confuse it with the insensitive briny waters of the sea. The actual amount of salt is far far less than that and much, much more gentle. What you should imagine however, is the feel of soft water as you swim without eye and skin irritation, hair discoloration or that unpleasant smell.

Three yoga students on the Wild Rose Yoga and Pranaya Yoga Teacher Training at the Mala Dhara Eco Resort in the Doi Saket area of Chiang Mai, Thailand doing some acro yoga poolside.
Yoga Play Poolside

For those using the Mala Dhara for yoga retreats or weddings, dance parties and live music events – our pool has 3 outdoor bathrooms, 2 open showers and an elegantly light and adjustable wooden pool bar to accommodate your event if need be.

Poolside by day and you can soak up the rays or hide in the shade of the towering trees that line the edge of the pool.

Poolside by night and we defy anyone not to be seduced by the gentle and exquisitely designed outdoor lighting and visible stars in the Doi Saket nights.

Still waters in the blue saltwater pool of the Mala Dhara Resort with main house in background.
calm, soft and blue saltwater pool

The Mala Dhara salt water pool is also conveniently situated right next to Chaploo Yoga Shala, which can easily accommodate events of your choosing around the pool and provide an fun indoor/outdoor pool event experience.

And if you are not staying at Mala Dhara, don’t let that stop you. Drop in anytime for a swim for 200 THB. Order a “full lunch set” from the Kin Dee restaurant and swim for free. Order a drink from our cocktail bar and swim for 1/2 price.





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