Women’s Wellness & Wisdom Retreat Chiang Mai, Thailand


Mala Dhara Yoga Retreat Center Chiang Mai Thailand


Start: 1:00 - December 3, 2021

End: 5:00 - December 5, 2021


The Cradle of The Sacred is the Love Child of two women, who are extremely passionate about their mission to bring awareness and awakening into all aspects of womanhood.

The co-creators have designed a unique retreat for you, where Science and Soul are not in conflict, but in an intimate, loving relationship, so you can have all the essential knowledge to safely and mindfully tap into and explore the wisdom realms of your mind, body and soul. They’ve got you covered, so you can soulfully uncover, re-discover and recover the sacredness of your being.



Move away from the usual way of being, and shift the angle of your perspective on how you connect with your body. Take time to slow down and open up to listen to your innate wisdom. Retreat yourself from the busy world around you, and move into the center of your temple body.


Nurture yourself in the calm, soft and blue saltwater, while savoring the soothing sounds of the pool’s waterfall and abundant nature. Delicious!
Love your body by eating fresh, local, organic, high vibe vegan food, flowers and herbs, knowing that each and every piece of your dish has been created with unconditional love and pure joy. Yummy!


Magic happens in a state of deep relaxation.
Imagine: Your nervous system is free of tension, your breath eases into a gentle rhythm, and your heartbeat aligns with the heartbeat of Mama Nature. You drop into your beautiful body, and you are fully present, resting your gaze at the idyllic mountains and rice fields of Thailand. This is where healing and transformation begins.


Reconnect with Mama Earth, her immense power, play and pleasure. Understand, observe and reclaim your cycles, reconnect with your body temple, your loving heart, your precious womb and sweet yoni.
Reconnect with your feminine essence, and the wisdom she holds, her creative energy and her capacity to transform.


Return home, feeling relaxed, rejuvenated, peaceful, powerful and pleasureful, connected to your body, your heart, your sisters, and your feminine essence, while having knowledge, understanding and tools to use to enjoy better health and well-being in your life.



Can’t commit to 3 days, but wish to join for a day or two? We understand!
The themes are built upon each other, yet they can be explored individually.
They are skillfully designed in a way, that serves you the most, regardless from the length of your stay. Yet, we encourage you to take the opportunity to journey with us from the beginning until the end to have the full experience, not to mention the delicious bonuses that come with the longer stay.


Follow our posts and conversations in the Discussion Section. You’ll find our daily schedule, options for accommodation, teasers, dialogues, awesome and wholesome information, tools and tips, journaling prompts, and educational content!!!


1pm-6pm, 3rd of December, Day1
In nutshell: Opening Ceremony, in-depth knowledge about Breasts, Breast Health and Breast Massage, Cacao Ceremony, Nervous System Regulation, Breast Pleasure, etc.
9am-6pm, 4th of December, Day 2
In nutshell: Wisdom Circle, Introduction to your Menstrual Cycles and the Biology of The Blood. Embodying Inner Seasons, Transmuting Shame, Loving The Blood, Pelvic Floor Yoga, etc.
9am-6pm, 5th of December, Day 3
In nutshell: Women’s Circle, Pleasure Talk, Science of Pleasure, Senses, Opening to Pleasure, Embodying Pleasure, Womb Dance, etc.

Find out the juicy details in the Discussion Section!


?Gabriella Nagy has held more than 300 events, and shared her wisdom with thousands of people around the world. She is a Shedance-Shakti Facilitator, the Founder of Shakti Rituals and the Creator of Heart Space, Chiang Mai. Her passion for her work with women, has taken her deep into the mysteries of the feminine wisdom, and she is devoting her life to nurture the way of each and every woman who chooses to step into their fullest potential.
Gabriella is a trained Sound Therapist, Life Coach and PranaFlow Practitioner. She has studied Dance Therapy, and Archetypal Embodiment.
The secret of her unique guidance lies in the skillful integration of various tools and methods, and her authentic, spontaneous and creative personality, that invites everyone to feel safe and free. Her groundedness allows deep transformational work to take place, and her insights create rapid evolution along the way.

?Laura, the founder of Wellness Nook Massage and Yoga Therapy Center, is a New York State Licensed Massage Therapist, Yoga Therapist, and a Yoga Alliance E-RYT 500 Yoga Teacher.
She has spent over a decade passionately researching and studying the form and functions of the human body, and has always been eager to share her knowledge with those who wish to achieve better health . Besides training students and teachers, Laura is committed to help and support women, including mothers to gain knowledge, understanding and deeper connection with their own bodies so they can create well-being in their lives.


-Ridiculously delicious and nurturing buffet style meals (depending on your booking)
– Coffee/Tea Fruit & Snack Breaks
– Smooth and Silky Saltwater Pool! We seriously cannot wait.
– Special Yoga Class
– Skillful and loving guidance.
– A set of valuable tools and techniques.
– Extensive practical knowledge, experiential wisdom, transformational exercises, and embodiment practices.
– Full support from highly experienced and skillful facilitators.
-Personal time for swimming, sunbathing, resting, integrating and connecting.


-Bicycles 50bht/day & Motorbikes 150bht/day
-Private Herbal Steam, Fire Body Scrub Night with Womb Massage and Chanting 4, 000bht for our group.


3rd-5th December: 8000bht
Includes 6 meals, 3 snacks, cacao ceremony, swimming pool, 2 and a half day retreat
4th-5th December: 6000bht
Includes 4 meals, 2 snacks, swimming pool, 2 days retreat
3rd-4th December: 5000bht
Includes 3 meals, 2 snacks, cacao ceremony, swimming pool, 1 and a half day retreat

Single Day Entry:
3rd of December: 2000bht
Includes snack, cacao ceremony, swimming pool, half day retreat
4th of December: 3000bht
Includes lunch, snack, swimming pool, one day retreat
5hth of December: 3000bht
Includes lunch, snack, swimming pool, one day retreat

Hold on, there are more numbers!


We are happy to let you know that Mala Dhara Yoga Retreat Center will be hosting our retreat.
We have LIMITED 5 beds in the lovely dorm, and 7 private & semi-private rooms, please make sure that you book yours in advance!!!

Prices vary from 350bht to 2000bht, please check out our Discussions to learn more!

To book your accommodation and the retreat, please reach out to Laura via messenger, or send her an email to [email protected] . Laura will help you to do the math!

If you’re not sure, if this retreat is for you, but you’re intrigued get in touch with us! You can send an email to [email protected] to Gabriella, or text her on messenger!

?We are excited to journey with you!