Winter Solstice Gathering: A Light and Femininity Celebration – Mala Dhara Chiang Mai


Mala Dhara Yoga Retreat Center Chiang Mai Thailand


Start: 5:00 pm - December 21, 2017

End: Midnight - December 21, 2017

Winter Solstice Gathering:

A Light and Femininity Celebration

Mala Dhara Yoga Retreat Center Chiang Mai
Thursday, December 21st, 2017
5:00 pm until midnight



Intention plus action is what leads us to meaningful life transformation.

The Winter Solstice is a unique opportunity to assess our physical and psychological energy reserves and to celebrate the return of the light through awareness, movement, and celebration.

In this evening of sisterhood and co-creation we will awaken our inner fire by immersing ourselves in an herbal steam while nurturing our body and senses with Mala Dharas’ signature “edible body scrub”.

As the night sets in we will enjoy a vegan organic dinner by the fire at the same time as we listen to tribal beats and begin to activate our Shakti, we will dance with our feelings and shadows holding a harmonious, loving space for the unfolding emotions.

With our awaken body and consciousness we will gather and discuss the meaning of our femininity and how we can use our sensitive nature for empowerment, we will set our intentions and perform a fire ritual in alignment with the astronomical occurrence of the Winter Solstice after which we will sing together and close the gathering.



18:00 welcoming at Mala Dhara
18:30 Herbal Steam
19:30 Dinner
20:30 Shakti awakening celebration, dance of Light and shadows / sharing
21:30 reflection and journaling time,
22:00 Femininity and Empowerment, an authentic talk and sharing
23:00 shadows releasing and sisterhood ceremony
23:28 Fire ritual
12:00 closing ceremony

What is included and rates?
Herbal steam + body scrub
Supplies for journaling and rituals


Early bird (until December 11th) 900 baht
Normal price (after December 11th) 1100 baht



Transport can be arrange on request from and back to Chiang Mai, please contact for more

Accommodation possibilities

Shared accommodation at Mala Dhara’s Bamboo House is available for the participants of
the event at the price of 500 baht per person.

Villas can be can be booked online at Mala Dhara’s website (for villa sharing options please
contact us)


What to bring?

Your journal (optional)
If possible please dress in white, orange or red.
Any crystal or meaningful object
Bug spray/repellent
sweater/jumper (in case of cool temperatures)
Toiletries, toothbrush, toothpaste (if you stay overnight)
Phone/WhatsApp: +66650291879

Line: seilarodriguez
Email: [email protected]