Wandering Yogi Retreats


Mala Dhara Yoga Retreats Chiang Mai Thailnd


Start: 2:00 pm - December 9, 2017

End: 12:00 pm - December 15, 2017

Wandering Yogi Retreats

7 day  6 night  taste of Thai life

nourish your mind, body and spirit house

We welcome you to northern Thailand for an experience to nourish all aspects of your being.

Nourish your body with organic foods, twice daily asana classes and workshops.  Nourish your mind and spirit with a low stress, low tech lifestyle allowing you to find a deep connection with nature, community and your true self. Join us for 6 nights and 7 days of serenity, transformation and fun! 


December 9th- December 15th

What’s included:

  • 7 days/6 nights organic luxury accommodations on a traditional Thai rice paddy farm

  • 3 daily Thai-inspired, gourmet, organic vegetarian meals

  • Twice daily yoga classes

  • Thai Massage, Acro Yoga and Inversion workshops to deepen into your practice and receive CEUs

  • Excursion into Chiang Mai city to visit a 14th-century Buddhist temple, shop at a local night market and be immersed in the urban culture

  • Steam & Scrub

  • Morning hot springs excursion

  • Leisure time to rest and relax by the salt water pool

  • Transportation to and from Chiang Mai airport

  • Lifelong friends and an experience that you’ll never forget

What’s not included:

  • Airfare

  • Massage Treatments

  • Shopping and dinner on Chaing Mai excursion day

  • Gratuities and taxes

Arrival Day

You will be met at the airport at scheduled times and taken to Mala Dhara. Fall, Jess & Sorrel will be at MD to welcome you with smiles, hugs & refreshments

You will receive a retreat info package & be taken to your room to settle in.  

8 PM Dinner & Welcoming Celebration

Day 2

6AM- 8AM: Morning meditation, journaling, local tea & nibbles 

8AM- 9:30AM: Alignment Asana Practice with Jess 

9:30AM- 10:30AM: Breakfast 

11AM- 1PM: Local Temple Tour

1PM- 4PM: Lunch & Lounge

4PM- 5:30PM: Nourish Flow with Sorrel 

5:30 PM: Nibbles  

6PM- 8PM: Steam & Scrub

8PM: Dinner

Day 3

6AM- 8AM: Morning meditation, journaling, local tea & nibbles 

8AM- 9:30AM:  Practice with Jess 

9:30AM- 10:30AM: Breakfast 

11AM- 1PM: Alignment of Inversions workshop

1PM- 4PM: Lunch & Lounge

4PM- 5:30PM: Nourish Flow with Sorrel 

6PM- 8PM: Dinner

8PM: Kirtan/Live Music Dance Party

Day 4

6AM- 8AM: Morning meditation, journaling, local tea & nibbles 

8AM- 9:30AM:  Practice with Jess 

9:30AM- 10:30AM: Breakfast 

11:30AM: Leave for Chiang Mai
Lunch, Temple Exploration, wander the City/Night Market (transport, tour & lunch provided – shopping, massage & street food dinner is your own expense)

6 or 10pm Return to Mala Dhara
2 transport times will be offered & light nibbles will be available at Mala Dhara for all

Day 5

6AM- 8AM: Morning meditation, journaling, local tea & nibbles 

8AM- 9:30AM: Nourish Flow with Fall 

9:30AM- 10:30AM: Breakfast 

11AM- 1PM: Thai Massage Workshop

1PM- 3PM: Lunch & Lounge

3PM- 4:30PM: Nourish Flow with Sorrel 

4:30PM- 6PM: Hike to Look Out/Temple for Sunset   

6PM- 8PM: Dinner

8PM: Yoga Nidra with healing touch

Day 6

6AM- 8AM: Morning meditation, journaling, local tea & nibbles

8AM- 12PM: Hot Springs Excursion – Breakfast on Site

1PM- 2:30PM: Lunch & Lounge

2:30PM- 4:30PM: Thai & Fly with Fall & Sorrel

4:30PM- 6PM: Nourish Flow with Jess

6PM- 8PM: Dinner

8PM- 10PM: Final Evening Celebration

Day 7

Departure Day

6AM- 8AM: Morning meditation, journaling, local tea & nibbles

8 AM- 10AM: Nourish Flow with Fall, Jess & Sorrel & Celebration 

10AM- 12PM: Brunch/Pack/Send off 

10 AM & 12PM: Shuttle options

Accommodations and Pricing

Register and pay in full by 7/31 and save $300!

All villas are hand built, and take into account the natural beauty of the land we will be living on.

They are organically luxurious, with all modern western conveniences.  Each villa comes equipped with fans, refrigerators and hot and cold running water.  It may be hard to crawl out of your bed in the mornings!

  • Single (King  Bed, Private Room): $2749 per person

  • Couple(King Bed, Private Room): $4549 per couple

  • Double (2 twin beds, Shared Room): $2149 per person

  • Triple (3 beds, Shared Room): $1839 per person

  • Dorm (Up to 6 full size beds in large Villa): $1629 per person

All prices are in USD.


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About Wandering Yogi Retreats

We all have wander within us, just waiting to get out. And see what there is to see…

To be transported to a far off land that has been ‘only but a dream’. And have the time and space to explore this place with every little bit of our being. To savor the intricate flavors of foods that makes us moan with mouthgasm. To smell exotic flowers and aromas that make us feel so high we want to reach up and touch the sky. And dance free. And roll around on the ground and heal ourselves through deep belly laughter. Tickling our fancy’s in the friskiest of ways. And creating our own fairytales with all kinds of endings. And maybe, just maybe feeling the call to reach out on a limb of a tree to do something we’ve never dared to do before…

We encourage wandering both globally and in our own backyards to wake up your imagination and creativity, to nourish you so you can help nourish the world around you. We seek to curate and create luxurious organic experiences where you feel free to be yourself, enthralled to feel your bare feet kiss the earth and hands to kiss the sky, and hungry to taste all that life has to offer…

Wander with us, experience the lifestyle.

About Fally Love Weiss

Fall Weiss Yoga Retreats
Fall Weiss Yoga

My first taste of yoga was in the 90’s, watching VHS tapes in my bedroom because yoga was still somewhat on the fringe back then, and studios were NOT on every corner.  And I was hooked!  I had never felt anything like it!  In 2005, I took my first TT with Ganga White and Tracy Rich, and realized that I was not just stepping into some asanas, but exploring a whole lifestyle.  A way of being.  In that training, I was introduced to Thai Massage and 2 months later, I was enrolled in massage school.  I was REALLY hooked!  And so, began my studies in bodywork.  I was still practicing yoga, and began to deeply dive into Ashtangha, gratefully and humbly practicing Mysore with Tim Miller.  At the same time I was delving into my HHP and falling in love with every new modality I was exposed to.  I graduated massage school with over 1200 hours and specializations in Thai Massage, Relational Somatics and Craniosacral therapy.  The 12 years of practicing and learning massage has been a wandering journey, full of beauty and challenges.  I have traveled to India and Thailand to deepen my practice and sit with my teachers.  I have attended thousands of hours of trainings, workshops and retreats.  And I realize that the most important lessons and gifts come in the still moments, when I’m witnessing my breath.  So, I strive to be open, and listen and let the wisdom of my body, our bodies speak.

What nourishes you? 

I am most nourished in the those authentic moments of connection with myself, with nature and with other creatures.  When I see people giving of their hearts with complete abandon because there is no other way to be than just pure love!  That shit lights me up!  Authenticity, honesty and raw courage nourish me.  And green juice.  Cuz, micronutrients.

What are three words you would use to describe yourself? 

Loving Silly Adventurous

Who has had the most influence on who you are today? 

My dad taught me unconditional love and the infinite potential that is housed inside a seed.  And we are all seeds.  And we get plant seeds everyday in our thoughts, actions, deeds.  My mom taught me commitment and follow through, and inspired me with her ability to reimagine and recreate her life.  For those things, and an indescribable amount more, I am humbled.  My family has been and will always be my biggest lessons and biggest influence.


Jess McGimsey Yoga
Jess McGimsey Yoga Retreats Chiang mai

Yoga is something that I never expected to love.  I came about it randomly in my late teens as something to add to a fitness regime. That first class was awkward and oddly refreshing. I couldn’t explain it, but I felt like a better person.  By 2010, I had devoted my life to sharing the gifts of yoga and opened my first studio, Peace Love and Yoga (PLAY). Immediately, we were embraced by the community and PLAY took on a life of it’s own.  Four years and a baby later,  I was struggling to find my own identity within the studio. It was during what I would call one of the hardest seasons of my life, that I finally learned what it meant to truly live your yoga.  To let it not be something that you just do on your mat, but a way of living. Finding my true self, and learning to trust that all is coming has been my wandering journey.

My teaching now comes form a place of inquiry and encouraging the relationship with your true self. I still own PLAY in CA, and I am grateful to also share my love for yoga with the central Texas community through Living Beyond the Mat. I am a forever student and am certified as an E-RYT 500.

What nourishes you? 

Yoga in all forms, my children (Wyatt and Ella), and the excitement of doing something new whether it be exploring a new city, creating a new business venture, or trying something I’ve never done before.

What are three words you would use to describe yourself? 

Passionate, Loving, Organized

Who has had the most influence on who you are today?

Definitely my children. They have both taught me to be patient, to be open and to see life in the present. Wyatt is so inquisitive, and makes me stop and wonder, why is this like that, or what happens if we try this? While Ella is just over 1 year, she keeps me on my toes, and teaches me that life (and her) are completely unpredictable.  I love being their momma, and the person I’ve become with them.

About Sorrel Weiss

Sorrel Weiss Yoga
Sorrel Weiss Yoga Retreats Chiang Mai

I believe we all have wander within us, a natural curiosity to explore beyond where we are… If you look back through the ages, there have always been great explorers. They are the ones who have changed our world. My desire to wander is what led me to yoga. In 2007 I was living a very stressful life and was in a lot of pain, and this had to change. I had been practicing yoga on and off since I was 18.

This was the time, I dove into a heart-opening Anusara Yoga Immersion and a door opened for me. From there I started traveling the world, exploring, furthering my training and teaching along the way.

What nourishes you?

Right now, as I type I am laying in my hammock as the early morning light comes in drinking my favorite chocolate coffee drink that I made just for me, sourced from the plants around me. Listening to the howler monkeys and the sound of the sea, and watching parrots fly by. It’s pretty nourishing 🙂

What are three words you would use to describe yourself?

I’m a lady. Sensual. Sweet. Sassy!

Who has had the most influence on who you are today?

My family. My mom, dad, sisters, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins. I have some amazing friends too! I have a fucking kick ass network I was born into. I would not be here right now without them. They helped bring me into this world, and they continue to love and support me no matter what kind of “crazy” shit I do. And when I’m feeling down, they always know how to make me feel alright. I fucking love them!


[email protected]