Stoking the Flame – A Deep Yogic Immersion with Jo Buick & Alice Hobday


Mala Dhara Yoga Retreat Center & Eco Resort


Start: 2:00 PM - June 14, 2019

End: 12:00 PM - June 30, 2019

Stoking the Flame

A deep immersion Igniting your innate capacity to feel purposeful, connected, loved and  whole through traditional and contemporary yogic practices.    


Friday 14  th   – Sunday 30  th   June 2019 

Mala Dhara Yoga Retreat Center, Eco Resort

& Organic Farm 

Chiang Mai, Thailand   


Sometimes in life, we reach an intersection. Our world may be full and busy ­ satisfying even, and yet there is a yearning for something quieter, deeper, richer. The ancient tradition of retreat provides an opportunity to step away from the rhythm and pace of daily life, in order to see things as they are – and to see ourselves as we truly are.

Stoking the Flame is an immersive and intentional yoga retreat experience held deep in the beautiful landscape of Chiang Mai, Thailand. Spread out over two weeks, this yoga retreat is designed to ‘stoke the flame’ of intention and purpose for those who are interested in diving deeper into their yoga practice, without the formalities of a yoga teacher training program.


Who is this immersion for?

Stoking the Flame is open to all who feel the calling to immerse deeply in this offering. Alice and Jo have trained over many years to facilitate and hold space for diverse groups of yoga practitioners with unique needs and intentions. They both believe wholeheartedly that yoga is a personal practice that starts from where we are at and are committed to facilitating experiences that are both inclusive and accessible.

For many people, retreat is a time of deep unfolding, self­ discovery, break­through and metamorphosis. Stoking the Flame is an opportunity to step away from the noise and information overload of daily life, and to reconnect with one’s breath, body and essential nature. To ‘stoke the flame’ is to ignite your innate capacity to feel purposeful, connected, loved and whole, just as you are.

This offering is for everyone. Our retreats are inclusive of all people, all bodies and all ages. We are proudly LGBTQIA+ friendly and welcoming of all.


Why is it important to practice together? 

To come together on retreat creates special opportunities for connection and attunement both with others and with the natural environment. The experiences of community and support that arise via retreat represent an opportunity for growth and development, as we are always operating in relationship with the world and others. The process of learning in community is so revered, that it is described as a ‘kula’ or ‘community of the heart’ in Sanskrit and as similarly as a ‘sangha’ in Buddhism. Retreat represents a rare opportunity to spend time with like­-minded individuals who share common interests, values and practices.


What does it mean to develop a self­ practice?

Whilst practicing together represents a vital component of retreat, an emphasis on Stoking the Flame is the development of a self-­practice , complete with tools, resources and techniques that you can take with you anywhere that you go.

All yoga is designed to be modified and adapted for the individual, and an important part of this retreat is developing a self-­practice that feels appropriate, useful and exciting for you. For some this may be a predominantly physical practice, whilst for others it may be more focused on practices that soothe the mind or for work with the breath. Whatever your intention and yoga practice, Alice and Jo are present to support and guide you as required.


About Mala Dhara Yoga Retreat Center, Eco Resort & Organic Farm

Mala Dhara is a beautiful yoga­ retreat centre, eco resort and organic farm located 40 minutes outside of the Old  City of Chiang Mai, Thailand. Surrounded by rice paddies, the environment is one of peace and restoration.

Nourishing mostly organic meals are provided onsite by vegan Kin Dee Restaurant, with all dietary requirements  catered for.

For further information and images:  Mala Dhara Yoga Retreat Center.


About Thailand in June 

Stoking the Flame is held in the monsoon season of June, a time when the ground is soft, the rain is warm, and the air is gentle. In Ayurveda, this is understood as Kaphic season ­ characterized by great fertility, new beginnings and a sense of connectedness. This is an incredibly potent time for introspection and realignment. For these reasons, our retreat schedule includes spaciousness for private processing, reading, meditating and resting.


About Your Facilitators

Alice and Jo have been collaborating, learning and working together for many years, united by their  love for community, nature and inclusive practices.

Join yoga teachers Jo Buick and Alice Hobday on deeply immersive yoga retreat in Chiang Mai Thailand at Mala Dhara Yoga Retreat Center

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To learn more about Jo, head to   / @jo.buick

To learn more about their shared venture, State of Being, head to   /  @state.of.being





On retreat, six out of seven days follow a schedule of:

  • Mindful and considered physical practice (contemporary hatha and restorative yoga);  ­
  • Experiential immersions into the philosophies and teachings of yoga (including  Ayurveda, Tantra and the Sutras);  ­
  • Guided and self­ guided meditation practices;   ­
  • Asana and pranayama workshops;
  • ­ One ­on ­one mentoring with retreat facilitators;  ­ Time for introspection and private processing; and  ­
  • Opportunities to participate in scheduled activities including mountain hikes, hot  springs, walking tours of the Old City, Thai massage and cooking classes.



Investment in  Stoking the Flame  is inclusive of:    ­

  • 16 nights of accommodation at Maladhara;  ­
  • All meals and refreshments for six days of the week (option for the 7th day if desired);  ­
  • Daily led yoga asana practices;  ­
  • Daily led meditation and pranayama practices;  ­ Asana, meditation and yogic philosophy workshops;  ­
  • Individual mentoring to support personal practice and growth;  ­
  • Holistic activities to choose from including:
  • Thai cooking class, Guided Sippa Hot  Springs day­trip, Guided local caves and ridge top hike;  ­
  • Private Herbal Steam; and  ­ Fire Body Scrub Night

Exact pricing varies depending on the accommodation option selected. Please refer to the below  section for variations.


Accommodation Options:


Single occupancy – private bathroom: $3,099 AUD p/p total
Deluxe twin share – private bathroom: $2,799 AUD p/p total
Standard twin share – shared bathroom: $2,699 AUD p/p total



Single occupancy – private bathroom: $3,299 AUD p/p total
Deluxe twin share – private bathroom: $2,999 AUD p/p total
Standard twin share – shared bathroom: $2,899 AUD p/p total



Concession prices are available, please contact us to discuss.



10% of proceeds will go towards supporting the local Chiang Mai community organisation Thai Freedom House.

Learn more about Thai Freedom House at


$1000 AUD Deposit is due seven days within booking. The deposit is non­refundable, non­transferable and is part of the overall tuition. For the standard rate, full payment is due 6 weeks prior to the training commencement. After this date, full payment for new registration is due immediately. Check­in is June 14 th and check­out June 30 th . Please note: Your booking is not secured until your deposit is paid. Also, your registration is not final until full payment is received.



Refunds are available, less the $1000 deposit before end of 31st April, 2019. No refunds are available  after that date, unless we are able to fill your place from the wait list.



When booking a twin share room while traveling alone, we will do our best to place you in a room with another same sex participant who is also traveling solo. In instances where this is not possible, you may be required to upgrade to a single room. Participants are placed in shared rooms based on gender and the order in which they book. However, if there is somebody specific that you would like to share a room with, please let us know via email and we will ensure that you are accommodated accordingly.


For more information or to register, Please Contact:

[email protected] or      [email protected]