HolyMama Heart-Centered, Soulful Week For Retreat Leaders


Mala Dhara Yoga Retreat Center, Chiang Mai Thailand


Start: 2:00 - February 11, 2019

End: 12:00 - February 17, 2019

HolyMama Heart-Centered, Soulful Week

For Retreat Leaders

February 11- 17 2019

Mala Dhara Yoga Retreat Center

Chiang Mai, Thailand



A Retreat is a Safe, Sacred, Open and Accepting Space for Women to Connect with their True Essence as Creative, Powerful Beings


In today’s stressful world we need more connection, more empathy and more heart-centred ways of being, in order to balance out all the fear, competition and separation. We need to experiment so we can find new ways of doing things.

Using yoga as a pathway into the body is but one aspect of a Holy Mama Retreat, and Retreat Facilitators need NOT be yoga instructors themselves. Connecting with nature, feeling strong via nourishing foods and being cared for by a loving team following Divine Feminine Principles are all elements of this holistic experience.

HolyMama retreats are for women to nurture the relationship with themselves, their child and each other as women.


HolyMama Supports Women to Realise their Dreams and Visions

Now you can Empower Others as you Embody, Expand and Rise


When you come into sacred space from the matrix of normal reality, it can move you out of your comfort zone. Which is exactly where the magic happens. As a HolyMama Certified Retreat Leader you will learn how to hold the space for others, especially women who have made the huge transition to motherhood and are dealing with overwhelm.

Being able to get away from the stresses of daily life to find connection with yourself and your child should be a birth right. There aren’t enough sacred and safe spaces for women and children on the planet. My vision is that these kind of havens and sanctuaries will be the new ‘normal’ for everyone, including those struggling financially and especially those suffering from abuse, violence and isolation.  

I see HolyMama as part of the movement of the turning of the tides. Part of the shaking up of old structures and paradigms. One that gives women and children (and awakening men) the space to breathe and determine their own path.

I have a dream that within ten years every major city on the planet has a safe, sacred retreat place nearby for women and children to go to. It should be a haven in nature where they can find nurturing, connection and spiritual growth. This is part of the bigger restructuring of the fabrics of our communities where women, children and the environment move into the central focus for our resources.

Here’s to a future filled with joy, freedom, connection, independence and hope.


Lead Retreats where you can be your Authentic Self and Inspire Others

Become Part of the Ripple Effect that is Transforming the World



How to create transformational experiences for your attendees.

Deepen into the skill-set of bringing magic and sacred space to your retreat.

Applying the feminine, integrated embodied leadership skills specifically for retreats.

Bridging the gap for attendees who are at different points of their spiritual journey, so that everyone feels held and inspired.

Insider retreat leader secrets of the little things that make all the difference.

Stand in your power and radiate presence and charisma.

Identify your own truth and speak up with it clearly.

Birth even bolder visions than you can possibly imagine now.

Sync your business with your life and soul.

Take your retreats to a larger audience via better marketing tricks.

Renew your passion to lead retreats with energy and focus.

How to make more money doing what you love.

Dealing with all the things that can wrong on a retreat and other plan Bs.

Being specific, clear and grounded rather than speaking in vague, spiritual language that bores those in the know and alienates the mainstream.

Clearing money mindsets so that you can break through your own glass ceiling.

The keys to a heart-centred business.

Other benefits you will gain from attending this training


Learn how to facilitate workshops and group meetings.

Learn how to open and close sacred space.

Understand what is needed to make women who are new to Circle feel comfortable and empowered.

Tap into your own Intuition via simple, practical techniques.

Understand how to use Feminine Archetypes to hold space for emotional shares and breakdowns.

 Step into your own Sovereign Leadership.

Activate your Highest Potential and Soul’s Purpose.

Release all contracts of learning through suffering.

Connect with your innate, fertile creativity and womb power.

Learn how to create magical ritual and ceremony.

Non-violent Communication, Talking Stick, Guided Visualisations, Shamanic Journeying, Songs, Mantras, Ritual Tool-kit, Exercises to use in Circle etc.


This Alchemical Vessel of Transformation will lead to Expansion in your Business and Life


“Our times are calling for retreats as ‘islas de luz’ (islands of light) because they give us necessary time-out, tools for self-awareness and reconnection with source. I believe retreats are a key component to reaching the critical mass needed to shift global consciousness in a positive way.”


The location and venue


Chiang Mai – Thailand.

Mala Dhara is a woman-built Eco Resort Yoga Retreat Center and Organic Farm located a short distance outside the city of Chiang Mai – Thailand’s “Rose of the North” and the Kingdom’s 2nd largest city.

The Resort owner, Khun Ploy birthed the vision for Mala Dhara after living in the city for many years. She came to realise that her deep connection with Mother Earth was calling her to escape the concrete jungle in order to turn her vision into a blessing for others.

Mala Dhara was built intentionally in order to host retreats. With 2 yoga shalas (pavilions), a salt water swimming pool and 7 unique and luxurious earthen villas.

The Mala Dhara Organic Farm sits on several rai directly adjacent to the Mala Dhara Resort and will serves as a source of vegetables, rice, peanuts, and limes for the Kin Dee restaurant, where our daily meals will be served and enjoyed.

Book your flights to Chiang Mai airport and we can arrange transfers direct to the retreat.


1500 euros for private residence or 900 in shared with one other, all inclusive of:

6 nights accommodation in a luxurious earthen villas

Opening welcome and closing circles

5 days of workshops in a small and intimate group

All meals which are are delicious, organic, vegetarian meals prepared by Mala Dhara

Snacks and fruit daily

Unlimited herbal teas and mineral water

Beautiful welcome gift

Yoga mats, towels, bed-linen

Airport transfer (small group)

(Does not include flights to Chaing Mai, and any additional services at the retreat)


Be Associated with a Brand that has a Great Reputation, Fantastic Press Reviews and Top Ranking on the Internet.  






Empowered Feminine Leadership for an Awakening World


MALA DHARA – 5 – 10 February 2019

Book both retreats and receive a $400 USD discount!

This is an invaluable benefit for both new and experienced Retreat Leaders alike and and as an enhancer for HolyMama Certified Retreat Leaders.  


Contact HOLYMAMA for more information & registration