Five Elements Thailand Yoga Retreat


Mala Dhara Yoga Retreat Center


Start: 2:00 PM - November 7, 2017

End: 12:00 PM - November 13, 2016

Five Elements Thailand Yoga Retreat

Chiang Mai

November 7 – 13 , 2017

Rejuvenate Deeply – Look Deep Inside 

 learn more about yourself and your practice


“Realign with the Rhythms of Nature and Reveal your Radiance”

  • Are you feeling ungrounded, scattered, or perhaps you’re forgetting to attend to things on your to-do list or even worse, your own self-care?
  • Are your feelings and emotions running wild or difficult to connect with?
  • Maybe you’re burnt out and losing your sense of inspiration and motivation?

If any of that sounds familiar, I have just what the Yoga Therapist ordered!

“You’ve just finished your delicious, organic  breakfast, and you choose the perfect spot in the sun to lie down. You take intermittent dips in the refreshing saltwater pool, reflecting and integrating your morning yoga practice. You realize you have hours before lunch to do exactly what you want, and in that very moment a spontaneous and deep exhalation pours out of you. Your body relaxes more fully into the arms of earth. You have arrived… into yourself.”

The Five Elements Retreat is a time to re-connect with the very essence of your being. You will learn about the elements that make up our body and mind through the lens of Yoga and Ayurveda. When we tap into the wisdom of the elements, and understand their physical qualities, energetic properties and biological functions, we gain greater insight into the inner workings of ourselves, and others.

This retreat will offer you insight about how to become more intimate in relationship with your body and tune into the inner workings of your mind and heart. You will learn how to identify when an element is out of balance, and how to come back into wholeness, so you can live the life you’re meant to live, in ease and with joy.

You’ll learn practices to:

  • Root yourself into your body and into the present moment when you’re distracted or anxious.
  • Connect with your emotional landscape, skillfully relating with challenging feelings.
  • Ignite and maintain your inner fire of creativity and transformation.
  • Build and move your vital energy to support your nervous system.
  • Create spaciousness in your body and mind, allowing for a freer expression of your innate potentials.

These simple, yet transformative techniques will remain in your toolkit long after your retreat, providing you with a life long companion on your journey of self-exploration and growth. You will explore the Five Elements, through postures, breathing exercises, meditation, and discussion so you can fully integrate the teachings. You’ll have plenty of free time for processing, exploring and relaxing.

We will be staying at the beautiful Mala Dhara Eco Resort, nestled in the middle of majestic mountains and rice fields, just 30 minutes from the Chiang Mai .


Arrival and Departure
Check in begins at 2pm on the 7th, with our first practice beginning at 4pm.
We will check out by noon on the 13th, with our closing circle ending at 10am.

The total cost (not including air fare) is $1200 per person. A valid passport is required. A non-refundable $500 deposit secures your space in the retreat. The full amount is due by August 1st, 2017, if paid after August 1st, the total cost is $1300. Credit card payments will have an additional 3% charge. For more details, or to set up a payment plan, please visit contact Emily at [email protected].

In the event of cancellation:
60 days or more prior to the retreat: your entire payment will be refunded less the $500 non-refundable deposit plus a $50 administrative fee.
59-30 days prior to the retreat: less your $500 non-refundable deposit, your remaining balance may be applied to a future retreat only within 2 years.
29 days or less prior to the retreat: forfeit all retreat money rendered.




Emily Light

Yoga Teacher  Nutritionist  Wellness Guide

Bio for Emily Light Yoga
Emily Light Yoga

In my classes, I weave practical application of yoga philosophy, into movement, breath and mindfulness, encouraging a dynamic exploration into oneʼs true nature. “My intention is to create a safe and nurturing place for students to learn about themselves and to connect.”

Complementing my guidance in the art of yoga, I’m a practicing Holistic Nutritionist, offering full spectrum support in finding a life of balance and harmony on all levels. I received my Bachelor’s of Science in Holistic Nutrition with a concentration in Herbal Medicine, in 2006 and spent a growing season apprenticing with the herbalist, author and teacher, Matthew Wood.

I completed my first teacher training in 2008 and after a few years of teaching, I was called to the motherland of yoga. It was there that I met one of my teachers, Swami Tureyananda. I  spent  a couple months immersed in deep practice, living at an ashram in Southern India. I  began  studying yoga therapy under Swamiji’s guidance.  In 2015 I graduated from a 2 year yoga therapy program with local practitioner Sarahjoy Marsh, earning my E-RYT 500 hr certification, as well as my C-IAYT certification through the International Association of Yoga Therapists.