1 Day Shut the Mouth! Listen to the Mind……. Silent Escape to Mala Dhara


Mala Dhara Eco Resort & Yoga Retreat Center Chiang Mai Thailand


Start: 11AM - June 30, 2018

End: 2:00 PM - July 1, 2018

1 Day Shut the Mouth! Listen to the Mind…..

Mala Dhara Yoga Retreat Center

June 30th 2018

In this 1 day shut the mouth – listen to the mind escape, experience serenity of silence!

get to know more of our own soul and begin of transforming your life.


Join us at Mala Dhara on June 30th and shut your mouth!    Starting with fruits for lunch,



herbal steam with edible body scrubs,

2 yoga classes evening and morning,

2 lovely vegan meals dinner breakfast

walk up to the cave (silence)

walking Meditation (silence)

and shamanic music (sounds systems) and movement together with silence!

We have flotation tank to use if you like to go eve deeper  ………… all included!

1 person 3,400 thb  private room 

Can only take 6 people for this retreat – as we have 6 fabulous single rooms.

To seek deep in our own self –  to see who we truly are, show the other side of the shadow and to transformation the silence is so important from time to time.

Please if you interested, leave me a fb or email we can discuss more before the day comes

And the deposit is 20%

Really looking forward to seeing you guys


We are walking in this path together and so many life times❤️   Ploy