How to use our airport or city transport service?

If you are arriving at the Chiang Mai International Airport and you are unsure of how to proceed, let us assist you in arranging your car and driver services directly from the airport to Mala Dhara.

Please contact us with as much possible advance notice for this assistance.

If you would prefer to arrange your own taxi service from the airport, please ask us for a map to print and provide to you before your departure, to be given to your driver. Also, please feel free to give your driver our phone number for personal assistance.

If you are coming from Chiang Mai, we are also more than happy to assist you in arranging your car and driver services to Mala Dhara.

For groups holding events at Mala Dhara, please contact us directly regarding transportation options and prices for your group.

The Intrepid Solo traveler: How to get here by own car or motorbike?

If you plan to make your own way to Mala Dhara for lunch, an event, to stay or just drink and dip in the pool, you can find our pin on google maps simply by clicking on the map provided above.

Once you reach the town of Doi Saket, about 30 minutes from the city of Chiang Mai, you can easily follow Mala Dhara signs starting on the corner of rural road 4039 and found throughout the next 6 Kilometers directly to Mala Dhara.

How to get to the corner of rural road 4039 after entering Doi Saket

As you enter the town of Doi Saket, with the temple steps looming large and directly
in front of you, you will see our local traffic light.

Take a right at this light and proceed approx. 1 Kilometer until you see on your left, a large grouping of signs.
Take a left here and proceed for approx. 50 meters to take a right on rural road 4039

You will see the final Mala Dhara Sign just before the resort on your left.

Here you will take a left and then a very quick right down our frontage road parallel to the rice fields and Mala Dhara resort. Proceed from here directly to the entrance.

There are multiple ways to approach Mala Dhara from the town of Doi Saket, so please feel free to use your google map suggestions and approach us using a different route. Each one is scenic and offers a different experience and views.

Travel like a local: How do I get here via the Yellow Truck?

Please note: if you have a lot of luggage, this may not be the ideal method of arrival!

  1. Proceed to the famous Warorot market in Downtown Chiang Mai along the river.
  2. Here you will see the Yellow Trucks waiting for customers going to Doi Saket and beyond.
  3. Take the Yellow Truck all the way to the town of Doi Saket.
  4. Get off the bus and walk toward up the hill and toward the temple steps until you see the motorcycle taxis gathered on your left.
  5. Tell the motorcycle taxis to take you to Mala Dhara. If there is any confusion you can give them our phone number. 89-441-5910